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We have a range of products for schools. If you can’t find what you are looking for here please ask us. We have developed many products for schools.

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Pull Up Banners [TOP]

Albums [TOP]

Admin Pages [TOP]

Business Cards [TOP]

Admin pages are an A4 size ring bound booklet with a Clear PVC cover. They contain portrait and names of each student by year.

They come as a whole school booklet or a whole year booklet.

These are a great reference for head teachers and casuals.

We provide an A4 sized hard cover album. This topically contains all the class photos and extra photos such as sports & academic.

These quality albums are far more aesthetic product then a ring binder with plastic sleeves

We can provide business cards for principals and other executive staff. We will design your cards for you. You only need to provide us with a brief and the relevant details.

Cards are 90mm x 55mm 0n 300gsm gloss card.

We can provide your school with pull up banners.

These banners are 830mm wide and 2000mm high.

There are fully collapsible and transportable. They are not suitable for outside use.

You can provide completed artwork or for your banner. Or for a  small fee we can completely design your banner for you.

Banners complete in their own protective soft case.

Hard Cover

ID Cards [TOP]

We can provide your school with ID Cards. You can use one of our basic designs or we can design a card for you. We can provide cards with a magnetic strip and encode the strip if required. Signatures pads are also available. Replacement cards are available online for students to re-order if lost.

Uniform Cards & Posters [TOP]

We can design and produce a number of uniform code products. From Uniform Postcards (6”x 4”) which are double sided. 20” x 30” Blockmount Posters and Pull Up Banners. Or any other good idea you have.

Presentation Folders [TOP]

If you need special printed folders for Year 12 Presentations or to package your school prospectus, we can design and provide these for you.

There a number of formats from single internal pocked to double internal pocked. Paper thickness starts from 300gsm to the super impressive 420gsm gloss artboard.

Graduation Folders & Certificates [TOP]

Graduation Folders

A3 in size folded to an A4 folder.  

The School Name & Crest are on the front along with the students name.

The crested is set as a relief image.

Inside there is a parchment certificate on the left and there is a choice of Honour Board Names or Composite Group. The back ground artwork is also changeable.

Both side a laminated for protection.

Composite Graduation Folder

This product has the parchment certificate on the left side. There is a space provided for the Principal to sign.

The right side has a composite group of Year 12.

Traditional Graduation Folder

This product has the parchment certificate on the left side. There is a space provided for the Principal to sign.

The right side has Year 12 names listed in a Honour Board style columns.


Cover & Back Page

Composite Year

Honour Board Names

We also have single sheet page certificates.

There are 3 types to select from.

10x8 Parchment

There are 2 types: Group Photo & Portrait Photo.

10x8 Plague

There are 2 types: Group Photo & Portrait Photo.

10x14 Parchment

There are 2 types: Group Photo & Portrait Photo.

Graduation Cards [TOP]

Graduation Cards are postcard size. 6” x 4” single fold.

We can design a a card for you.

You can have text on the inside.

These cards are typically given to year 12 as a memento.  

Images on Disc [TOP]

A number of different type of images on disc that can be provided.

1. Name & Image Disc: This provides all the students portraits on disc. The file name cane be either ID Number, Barcode Number or Latsname, Firstname.  You need to specify the image size in pixels. E.g. 600px x  400px.

2. Groups on Disc. This is called a magazine Disc. This contains the groups in the finished product artwork.

Special Folders [TOP]

If you have a special event or need high quality marketing material, we can design and provide this for you.

Here are 2 examples of folders.

These are A4 folders.

We can design all types of products for your school.

Schools 50 Year Anniversary

Visit from the schools Chinese sister school

Special Cards [TOP]

We can design and provide a range of cards for your school. E.g. School anniversary invitations, Year 12 farewell cards, Year 12 Graduation cards. These a typically a 6 x 4 single fold card with envelopes.

If you have a need for a High Quality low volume card, give us a call.

Magazine Printing [TOP]

If you are looking for a Higher Quality magazine then the typical 4 colour press printing, then we can provide this for you.

We can customise each magazine with the students name on the front.

We can provide you with a sample finish product that you can alter if required.